Writer: Leong Ying

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made a recent official statement that his intergovernmental organization must embrace blockchain technologies. UN Children's Funds is now accepting the digital cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum as legal donations. In light of this push at the highest of levels at this world's largest organization; Our Collective member affiliations are hosting a forum on the 17th January in the UN headquarters in New York with specific focus on how integrated AI and Blockchain technologies can be applied to solve global poverty and climate change, which are 2 key components of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

This UN technology session is coordinated through Gambia's UN Mission, and will be chaired by their Permanent Representative to the United Nations: Ambassador Lang Yabou. Hosting this event is Our Collective member Dr. Queen Blessing Itua, founder of Global Empowerment Movement (GEM). Opening remarks to the session will be delivered by the Ambassador and Queen.

UN Speakers 4

Gambia's UN Ambassador Lang Yabou, Presidential First Lady Her Excellency Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow, and Dr. Queen Blessing Itua (from left to right) 

Wall Street News Agency are part of the organizing committee for this UN event, entitled “UN Combating Poverty and Climate Change with AI Blockchain.” The 2-hour session will be held in the main UN Conference Room 1. The President of this media host: Yuxiang Min will be giving an announcement, ahead of the speakers in the 3 forums on Technology, Commercial and Humanity.

UN Speakers 2

President of Wall Street News Agency: Yuxiang Min (left) with Dr. Leong Ying, Creator of Our Collective (right)

Covering the technology spheres on the subjects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain will be Mongkol Thitithamasak, an independent expert technologist. He is a strong advocate for universal education, and combined with his technical expertise, he is the ideal voice to outline how the applications of advance technologies can be applied to combating the critical issues of global poverty and climate change. Following on from this technology forum will be the session on the commercial applications, and what are the practical solutions that can be implemented; the expert speaker on these subject matters is a senior advisor from the digital blockchain company Yezcoin, a corporate partner of Our Collective.

The final and most important session on Humanity will have 2 prominent speakers: Dr. Queen Blessing Itua and myself, Dr. Leong Ying. Queen is a true humanitarian, fighting for the poor and disadvantaged, and the empowerment of women, through her UN Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) entity GEM. She is the recipient of many global awards and recognitions, including the prestigious President Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by the 44th President of the United States of America: Barrack Obama for Excellence in Service for her various humanitarian campaigns and missions.

UN Speakers 3

UN Speakers: Dr. Leong Ying (left) with Mongkol Thitithamasak (right)

As the final expert speaker, it is my role to explain how Our Collective partnership with the United Nations, can develop the necessary solutions, and achieve the goals set forth by the recent mission statement by the UN Secretary-General on the importance of such advanced digital technologies to the future needs of the UN. I will focus on how decentralized cryptocurrencies will as eloquently described to me by Mongkol: AI Blockchain technologies will bring about a digital revolution that will allow every poor person to become their own financial investor. And on climate change issues, every individual on earth with a mobile phone can in principle become a collective activists, inputting critical localized raw data into a proposed worldwide public data depository that will be analyzed by an independently managed AI mainframe to produce unbiased results and rapid solutions.