Writer: Leong Ying

The United Nations (UN) was created in 1945 from the aftermath of World War Two, following the failures of the League of Nations, which was the first worldwide intergovernmental organization formed in 1920 after the First World War to maintain global peace. UN main headquarter is located in New York (US), with other offices sited in Vienna (Austria), Geneva (Switzerland), Nairobi (Kenya) and The Hague (Netherlands). Presently, there are 193 member countries registered with the UN, and 2 non-member observer states: Vatican City and Palestine. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) are granted consultative status by the UN through its Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) agency branch.

Our Collective was founded in 2015, following a World Peace promotional event in support of Teresinha (Teresa) de Jesus Nacli campaign to build an international peace museum on her biblical family lands on the disputed Golan Heights, formerly part of Syria, but occupied by Israel after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. This peace forum was hosted by Maggie Law at her Art Oasis venue situated in Manhattan Chinatown, and as the event coordinator, I decided to create a global alliance with Teresa and Maggie as co-founders to expand on our legacy.

From our humble beginning, Our Collective has grown rapidly with many influential members and associated partners from around the world. We are unified in our desire to collectively achieve greatness in our deeds through goodness in our missions. A unique holistic operating model has been developed in which we integrate the three main domains of human activities in the Art, Business and Charity to create sustainable solutions for the benefits of humanity and our planet.

Our Collective Members

Our Collective members

Now that our global alliance has grown through its infancy, our collective personality appears to have a genetic signature similar to the UN. Our members reflects the same worldwide racial diversity and connectivity, along with our strongly motivated principles that are synergetic to the founding Charter of the United Nations. Many of our members are directly involved in activities relating to UN programs; including our founder Teresa's own NGO organization Museum of the Future Foundation. Along with championing for peace, we actively campaign for equality for all earthly citizens, and as such our members' organizations are regular participants in the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) conference held annually in New York, dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women.

Our Collective Organizations

Our Collective organizations

The two great world wars gave motivational reasons for the creations of the League of Nations and the United Nations respectively, and the failure of the latter will likely signify the coming of a third apocalyptic global conflict. World War One was predominantly fought over land across muddy blood-soaked trenches. In World War Two, the fight was taken into the air, and the conflict was ended with the dropping of atomic bombs. If World War Three happens, then it will take the fighting into space with laser weapons attempting to shoot down spy satellites and intercontinental ballistic nuclear warheads. Ultimately, the killing power of the numerous weapons of mass destruction will ensure that billions will die in any future global conflict, likely marking the extinction of mankind and the devastation of our planet Earth. Hence it is imperative for our continued survival and evolution that the UN mandate to maintain world peace is never allowed to fail, and to this aim Our Collective will endeavor to play our supporting role as a child of the UN.