Our Collective

Writer: Leong Ying


Our Collective (集 智 社) was given birth in 2015 out of a promotional peace campaign held in the heart of New York Chinatown. The founders’ diverse interests is reflective of the coalition of members that has rapidly grown this international alliance into global prominence from that humble beginning in a small art studio on Bowery, across from the iconic Manhattan Bridge. Teresinha de Jesus Nacli, known affectionately as Teresa, is an avid peace campaigner within the United Nations; establishing her own Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) operating under the title of Museum of the Future Foundation. Joining forces with myself, a physicist working in the commercial nuclear sector, and Maggie Law, a local Chinatown artist and entrepreneur; though the foundation of Our Collective is broad, the common goals are the same desire to achieve greatness through goodness.


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Our Collective Founders: Maggie Law (front left) and Teresa Nacli (front right)


If the fabled, and perhaps fictional, Illuminati can be considered a secret society working in the shadows, then Our Collective takes the complete opposite approach to exposing ourselves with our public persona. As Creator of this not-so-secret society, I have structured with my co-founders a comprehensive networked of influencers across the world, operating under our unique holistic model that integrates art, business and charity.


Our Collective 02

Our Collective international delegation to Nigeria is an example of this harmonious mix of philanthropy, productivity and profitability. One day our members can be sat across the boardroom discussing business opportunities with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), and the next day we are talking humanitarian missions with the Office of the Presidential First-Lady. Marrying profits to social responsibility, and charity to commercial sustainability, is a fusion of a visionary future our caring and wise members are proud to champion.

Our Collective 03

Our Collective Creator: Dr. Leong Ying (far left) with members meeting Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation COO and his executive team at NNPC Towers in Abuja, Nigeria


Our Collective 04

Dr. Leong Ying (right) receiving Future Assured humanitarian award from the Office of Nigeria’s Presidential First-Lady


Law Office of Troy Nader Moslemi Esq. Business Card Front


Law Office of Troy Nader Moslemi Esq. Business Card Back