New Scientific Frontiers

Writer: Leong Ying


A recent article published in Nature Astronomy by Di Valentino et al has brought crisis into modern cosmology because the reanalysis of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) data suggests that our universe is a closed system with normal matter amounting to 50%. Twin Universe model predicts such a closed cosmos with a Yin Yang positive universe (our world) phase-locked to a parallel negative anti-universe. And by the very nature of their twinned existence with all matter duplicated in quantity with anti-matter, the prediction of 50% observable positive matter matches the latest cosmic observations.


New Scientific Frontiers 01


Yin Yang Twin Universe

In fact, the Twin Universe is the only scientific theory that actually provides both qualitative and quantitative answers that fully describes all current cosmic phenomena that mainstream science are at a lost to account for based on a single universe model. Just as Isaac Newton development of calculus and gravitational theory revolutionized mathematics and physics, so my own discoveries of fresh interpretations of group number theory and the Twin Universe will bring about a renaissance into our new millennium. As the CERN particle accelerator bombard deeper into the smallest of quantum strangeness, while space telescopes such as Hubble search outwards into the largest of astronomical scale; the true nature of our existence points ever closer to unveiling the real split dual personality of our cosmos.


New Scientific Frontiers 02

Comparison of Single Universe and Twin Universe cosmic models


Perhaps the ultimate secret that has been exposed by the new mathematics and new science is that our universe has a fundamental chromosomal blueprint akin to life itself; made up of 180 base pairs. Theories are useless without the ability to make provable predictions, and from this cosmic DNA a numeric determination of the number of possible quantum states is shown to be consistent with the estimated total observable baryonic matter in our universe. The answers and solutions are piling up irrefutable evidence that will drive mankind into exploring the frontiers of outer space and inner spirits.


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Cosmic chromosomal codes of life


Historically, ancient civilizations knew the concept of duality, and in fact it is the foundation of the Yin Yang concept of Taoism. Even the origin stories of many religious philosophies describe the beginning of time as coming into existence from a single creation moment (equivalent of the scientific Big Bang singularity model) into a state of duality, such as in Greek myths where Chaos and Gaia gave cosmic birth to everything. In modern science, the duality properties of light existing simultaneous both as a finite photon point particle and an infinite continuous wave can be observed by the classical double slits experiment. Twin Universe model expands on the ancient knowledge and modern experiments to explicitly requires that the totality of the cosmos exists fundamentally in such a duality state.


From the developments of space exploration has come practical applications used in our daily life from medical devices to computer technologies. This new scientific frontier will likewise bring into our future new inventions that will propel human evolution into potentially a new advanced species. By tapping into vacuum energy, this will open up a limitless reservoir of power to propel faster than light speed deep space journeys beyond our own Solar System. Instantaneous communication devices can be manufactured using the ghostly phenomenon of quantum entanglement, whereby a pair of coupled quantum particles experience simultaneous interactions at a distance. We will only be limited by our own imaginations.


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