Writer: Leong Ying

One GOD One Religion is the revolutionary global movement that uses mathematical logic and experimental proof as the foundation of a single unifying facts-based discipline that merges Religion and Science. New mathematics determines that the entire cosmos has a genetic blueprint constructed off 4 fundamental numeric codes that are sequence into 180 base pairs. New science resolves all current astronomical and quantum unknowns based on the Twin Universe model that predicts parallel universe and anti-universe.

Species of the homo genus have evolved rapidly, in a few million years from primitive apes that spread out of Africa to colonize the world, to our modern homo sapiens that has ventured out into space. We have even dared to play GOD and created Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The latter derived off the most powerful supercomputers has overtaken the processing capacity of the human brain.

Nature is governed by the fundamental laws of evolution, specifically survival of the fittest. In general term, the fastest and strongest of a species will defeat its weaker rivals and succeed in passing its genes to the next generation. The arms race between herbivores and carnivores is the classic example of how physical power and prowess drives the evolutionary traits of wild beasts. Though humans have conquered most of nature, captured the destructive power of atoms, it has not yet tamed its primitive emotional instincts. Hence modern Man remains in a primordial state of conflict driven by aggressive lust for power and sex.

There are scientific evidence that the fundamental building blocks of life most likely originated from outer space, brought to earth through cometary bombardments. Through the billion of years of evolution up the biological tree of life to mankind, we are no longer physically capable of long term survival beyond the gravitational confines of our planet. Astronauts that spends just a few months in space are adversely affected, with cellular deteriorations including possible blindness. If humans desire is to explore the stars and colonize new planetary bodies, then we need to apply technologies to speed up the evolutionary development of our weak physical frames to cope with the extreme environment of zero-gravity high-radiation space. It is likely that genetic manipulations and artificial augmentations will be used to construct a new extraterrestrial humanoid species for future space explorations.

However, before the current earth-based humans can evolve into a new alien species, it first has to overcome its own primitive destructive nature. In traditional faith-based religions, typically such taming of our moral sins are set forth in commandments. The critical problems with relying on faith, is that it can be easily manipulated by corrupt preachers and fake prophets. The new facts-based One GOD One Religion discipline replaces such corruptible preaching with clearly defined knowledge and truths. The additional advantage of clearly defining new moral facts-based commandments is that the codes can also be programmed into advanced AI to prevent our creations from logically assessing that its human creators are flawed and should be exterminated, before we can evolve into our final alien forms.

Moral Codes For Alien Life 1

Moral codes for advanced alien species and artificial intelligence