Writer: Leong Ying

As an arrogant GOD-bigoted nuclear physicist, it was most certainly a divine shock to my emotional and even biological systems when my newly discovered scientific theory based around the Twin Universe model led me to the profound conclusion that there existed a cosmic Single Omnipotent Consciousness (technical term for GOD). For the first decade following my radical new scientific findings, I refused to even believe myself; I was the proverbial closet denier, hiding my terrified secrets from the rest of society. It was not until fate brought into my life Mike and Kitty Ragin, that I was truly able to wise up and have the courage to come out of my virtual closet and deliver the given knowledge and truths to humanity.

Mike was a street-wise New Yorker, but his heart caved in to love when he met the sweet innocent Kitty from the Mormon State of Utah. From the many decades that they have since shared their married lives together, they have encountered the best and worst of mankind and even themselves, but through all these up-and-down life experiences, the one unchanging constant is their devoted love for each other and their human fellowship.

It is stated that opposites attract, and there could not be more opposing differences then the union between me and the Ragin's. On one side was an egotistical GOD-hating emotionally-cold unmarried Chinese American (and British) scientist, and facing me were the humbled religiously-pious loving married African American preachers. If this encounter was a fight, then I have to admit to being defeated, though in my defense I did put up a good battle before going down. The victors Mike and Kitty have not changed in the decade I have known them, but through their wise guidance and loving influence I most certainly have, thankfully. I still have many flaws in my personality, but at least I can now openly accept that there is indeed a GOD and that love is the true bond that holds humanity together.

Eternal Love 1

Award winning author: Dr. Leong Ying (second from left) supported by Kitty and Mike Ragin

These days, the Ragin's along with their beautiful daughters live in Atlanta, Georgia. Mike is a very active octogenarian, still teaching health and wellness classes in his local communities. Kitty was also an energetic member of her religious congregation, until she suffered a stroke in 2015. Despite these difficult healing times, they never waiver in their continued desire to spread their loving influence; and I am indeed blessed that they sacrifice themselves to always be there to provide me personal guidance as I stumble along my divine journey to scientifically prove the existence of GOD to this cynical world.

Eternal Love 2

From left to right: Mike Ragin, Cher Lee Ying, Maggie Law and Dr. Leong Ying visiting Kitty in the medical ward

Though I am still very much an arrogant scientist, and in some respect I have to be if I am to continue to fight the ignorance and prejudice in our modern societies with my profoundly divine discoveries; my pure logic is at least balanced by the pure love emanating from the Ragin's. For the rest of humanity to survive and evolve, it truly needs to ensure logic and love must go hand-in-hand into an enlightened future.