Call To World Peace

Writer: Andrea Wen


In a cold skeptical world, the attractiveness of hope and faith disappears like a wintry mist. Each day, we detached from reality and drift into virtual connectivity with the internet rather than with our fellow humans. Ultimately, our survival is about humanity, and to reconnect with that aspect of our human culture, the World Brotherhood Union and Mevlana Supreme Foundation hosted their 25th anniversary Call To World Peace summit in Istanbul, Turkey. Being there I could feel the energy of a powerful magnetism with humanity that makes me believe world peace is within reach.


call to world peace 01

Mevlana opening ceremony


In her opening speech by the head of the organizing foundation; she outlined the difficulty to shed light on humanity that is enslaved by its own minds. This summit is intended to open up our horizons to receive universal knowledge and cosmic truths. Invited panelists came from Brazil, Canada and USA, to present their visions for a technologically advanced and peaceful world.


call to world peace 02

Panelists (from left to right front row): Leong Ying, Gerard Pollack, Ahmet Kurtaran (Chairman), Stefan Panajotoff and Teresinha de Jesus Nacli


Teresa Nacli is a Brazilian human rights activist, stated firmly that women carry love, and give birth to humanity, and must accept the responsibility of taking care of our future. Her Museum of the Future Foundation (registered UN NGO) is dedicated to constructing an international peace center on her biblical family lands at Majdal Shams in the contested Golan Heights. Her project goes beyond just putting up a physical building, but more importantly building a spiritual foundation to unify the warring religious and political factions into a peaceful coalition. She ended her presentation with a documentary movie trailer that delivered her soulful message.


Dr. Stefan Panajotoff works in nuclear physics research, and kickstarted his radical scientific concepts with a bold statement that we all claim to know what light is, but we do not appreciate the miracle of light. He challenges mainstream science that he considers to have become too dogmatic and religious-like, and will need a paradigm shift to move science forward into new frontiers. Dr. Panajotoff is also a homoeopathic practitioner, and dedicate much of his research attempting to prove the benefit of this medicinal path.


Dr. Gerald Pollack is professor at University of Washington, and gave his presentation on the discovery of a fourth state of water. His scientific research has added to the three conventional state: solid ice, liquid water and gaseous steam, a new crystalline phase that he labels as EZ Water. Amazing applications for this new discovered water includes filtration, electrical generation, and perhaps most stunning the biological explanation of how water is the driving force of life through biological organisms. The energy to drive the mechanism of EZ Water is sunlight, particularly in the infrared spectrum.


The last to take to the stage is also a returning speaker from last year’s peace summit: Dr. Leong Ying, a Chinese American nuclear physicist, and creator of Our Collective global alliance, which includes as founding member the first speaker Teresa Nacli. His core mission is to unify religion with science, and to accomplish such divine goals, he has developed new science based on Twin Universe model, and new mathematical number theory. He boldly claims that his revolutionary new discoveries can not only qualitatively explain all the current cosmic unknowns, but can quantitatively predict numeric values that makes his claims experimentally provable. His latest publication is simply entitled GOD, and it was my honored task to translate this epic manuscript into Spanish DIOS; and alongside Mevlana’s Knowledge Book, he defines these three books as gifts to humanity. In line with the principles of this Call To World Peace summit, he described his own personal journey to stand on the stage in Istanbul in front of thousands from all corners of the world: starting in the Past in 2018 as his Journey To GOD, dedicated to receiving his Prime Missions, followed by the Present 2019 Journey Of GOD to solve his Prime Solutions, and completing his holy trinity in the Future in 2020 with continued Journey By GOD to deliver Prime Directives.


call to world peace 03

Dr. Leong Ying speech at Call To World Peace summit


Istanbul is a most magical and beautiful place, the crossroad between eastern Asia and western Europe, and ideal setting for this global Call To World Peace, to unify as One Human Nation we call Humanity.


call to world peace 04

Istanbul sunset


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