Implementation of National Security Laws of the People's Republic of China Represents the secure shield for Hong Kong's Prosperity and Development

By Sherry Chan:The Agenda of the Third Session of the 13th National People’s Congress announced an essential task that was to deliberate National People's Congress Decision on Establishing and Improving the Legal System and Enforcement Mechanisms for the HKSAR to Safeguard National Security (Draft). The Decision Draft will explicitly stipulate that the HKSAR should establish and improve the institutions and enforcement mechanism to safeguard national security and the organs concerning safeguarding national security of the Central Government will establish institutions in the HKSAR in compliance with the real conditions.

National Security Laws of the People’s Republic of China (Hong Kong Version) will become the giant umbrella for Hong Kong.

The 2019 Black Violence event in Hong Kong showcases that the radicals’ damage against the city and attack against the innocent people drove people in Hong Kong severely panicky and scared. The stability of Hong Kong has no way of talking without a law targeting at the local terrorism.

The first quarter in 2020 has witnessed Hong Kong’s economy suffer a negative of 8.9%, namely the biggest decline since the records began; the unemployment rate also hit the record for the recent 10 years. Hong Kong’s economy, particularly the social retailing, hotels and tourism, plummeted due to the Black Violence. With regard to the investors of Hong Kong market, they, due to Hong Kong riots, won’t hold expectations as they used to but keep “Hong Kong is gone” in their mind. The challenging situation of Hong Kong’s economy and society casts the previous “Oriental Pearl” into the shade.

From time immemorial, a sound social environment represents the backbone for social progress, economic development and stable people’s aspiration. Hong Kong was also globally renowned for her clean government, sound public order, liberalized economic system and perfect rule of laws. Hong Kong is not allowed to be out of orbit in the middle of development, necessarily with the patch of “national security” that empowers herself with self defense rather than a puppet. National Security Laws of the People’s Republic of China will faithfully safeguard national security and improve and adhere to the “one country, two y\systems” and to ruling Hong Kong by the laws; by no means support external interference and pragmatically maintain the legal rights of Hong Kong residents. It serves as a shield for safeguarding Hong Kong’s security as well as a trenchant edge for terminating the social chaos at present. Under the umbrella of national security contains Hong Kong's security with no doubt. In the future, the National Security Laws of the People’s Republic of China will not only keep Hong Kong's society sound and its economy prosperous, but also let Hong Kong continue to be the best free port in the world.

Security saves Hong Kong, rule of law, Hong Kong’s development is in dire need of real stability rather than keeping pace with a large number of unrest or lag-behind society. That holds the rooted rights of massive Hong Kong residents.